[US] WTB 32-42 T 15mm ABEC pulleys

Figured I’d post here first before buying new to see if anyone wants to sell some pulleys, and so I don’t have to hope a shop is actively shipping out their orders in a timely matter.

I may end up wanting to use some of my smaller wheels on my new build, but need some ABEC wheel pulleys since they’re all ABEC-cores. I’m fine with either pulley type ONLY if you also have the needed bolts and front plate for bolt on pulleys and will send them with the pulleys. finding the right replacement bolts has proven to be impossible at my local stores

I’ll buy anything from a 32 T to 36 since they should work without me needing to buy new belts and I don’t really care if the gear ratio changes a little bit. I also don’t care if they’re new or used so long as any used pulleys still have their teeth in good shape.

Update: Bought a set of 36T pulleys, but it turns out I have enough belt to go even larger if I want. Also still have small enough belts that I can get something with less teeth than the Kegel pulleys I have (also 36T). So, I figured I’d leave this open and expand the sizes I’m looking for to see if anyone has anything to sell. Might as well try some different sizes out and put the extra belts I ended up buying to some actual use.

Edit: I messed up this post so much. I think I fixed it now, but in case I missed part of it: I need the weird shape core pulleys not the tiny circle core pulleys :person_facepalming:

Got you brother! Janus POM pulleys, $35.00 shipped in US

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Top ones are bolted while bottom are pressfit!
Bottom ones are metal while the top is POM
Each set is $35.00 shipped and they are both in near new condition

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I’m dumb and meant to say I need the weird shape core. AKA ABEC core :person_facepalming: Not the tiny circle cores. Let me edit my post to fix my mistakes

It is fixed now, but thanks for including a photo so I could realize my mistake now instead of later potentially even after buying a set of pulleys I don’t need.

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Is bolt-on being considered?

Or those old 36T Metroboard pseudo-press-fit pulleys? I bet Hoyt St has some of those laying around.

Or are you only looking for press-fit?

I’m fine with bolt on if all the needed hardware is sold with them since I can’t buy it locally and don’t want to wait for overseas shipping.

I don’t even know what you’re talking about for those tbh. I only know of the bolt on type and then the push / friction fit version that has it’s own bearing in it. I don’t have a preference for either version since as far as I can tell both are equally as reliable as the other. Or at least the appear to be when it comes to thane wheels. no idea if the same is true for pnumies

They press-fit into the spokes, and have their own bearing, but they replace a wheel bearing, so the whole wheel+pulley has two total bearings. One in the wheel (not two) and one in the pulley, which fits in the bearing seat on the wheel.

Kind of a unique design. But they are ABEC and 36T and metal and cheap and often surplus, that’s why I bring it up. Heck, I’m sure I have some somewhere, but not sure where. I bet Hoyt has some in stock.

Like most press-fit pulleys, they do require a long axle and don’t fit 35mm long axles.

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The planned main trucks for the build are the BN 184mm hanger which is listed at a massive 50mm axle length. Although they arrive tomorrow so I am unsure if that is 25mm per side or 50mm per side. :thinking: The hanger the motors are currently on is also a BN hanger or at least it looks identical to them but has no logo on it with just under 50mm of axle.

So I don’t think axle length will be an issue, but I could be wrong. You’d know better than I do if they’re long enough tbh. If it is a reliable design and you feel like finding them, then I’d be cool trying out their weird hybrid design. Would save me from needing to take two bearings from other wheels or needing to buy another set of bearings so I don’t need to steal them from other wheels.

It is worth mentioning that I think my longer 420 belts should still fit over a 38T as well, but I don’t think they would fit 40T and I don’t really want to order more belts.

That version isn’t listed on the Hoyt site anymore. All they have is another hybrid version where it only has half of the press fit shapes on it but then it has three bolts and the front plate to bolt it on. No bearing on the current version though.

They are 50mm long per side

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That is what I was leaning towards since I think most wheels are at least 25mm wide. That is the total width of two bearings and one internal spacer at least

Lucky for you I have the same in abec! The ones you need :sparkling_heart:

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What is the teeth count on the ABEC ones?

Also do you have any photos of the abec version? Just want to make sure the teeth look like they have at least a few thousand miles left in them

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I can send photos tomorrow, I’m out of the city. Just send me a PM!