(US) WTB: 10S3P Setup. Battery, BMS, & Dual VESC

Title says it all. I’m in the US. If you need that ‘Rona money let me know


Are you looking for used items?

I’m leaving my options open

I got a 10s4p I might be willing to part with. It’s too small for my liking

I’ve got a 10s3p 30q with a bms but I’m in Europe and shipping+tax would be expensive as hell

Does it need to be a dual vesc? Or two single vescs ok?

You could grab 2x v4 Neobox for a good price.

Not that interested in ordering from China right now. The wait times are brutal

Are you at all interested in my battery? Haven’t heard from you

Nah. Going with 10s3p due to space

here’s your battery. $150. jump on it before someone else does :beer:

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i pmed him about it but i think he said that it wouldn’t fit in his enclosure. it’s only 38mm thick tho :eyes:

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Have 48v 13s6p 15.6ah sine wave vsett9 dual controller and rfid screen to sell (all brand new, scooter didn’t even arrive yet)

A year too late, dog.

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also he’s selling stuff that has nothing to do with what OP wants. I think he’s lost.

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got triggered haha because planning to install Spintend UBOX vesc6 based controller too :smiley: Sorry guys, but surprised you replied to an such old post :+1::blush: thanks any way