(US-Washington DC) WTB 16t motor pulleys, high voltage battery maybe?

Could really use some 16t pulleys for an 8mm keyed shaft, steel would be ideal but realistically i just need some pulleys relatively quick compared to ordering from dickyho

As for the battery, preferrably either 16 or 18s. Not really expecting this to pan through but if anyone has a high voltage build that didnt pan out ill happily put the pack to use. If the pack could fit in an enclosure measuring 20.25"x7.25"x2" thatd be amazing.

Mostly interested in the pulleys but i figured it couldnt hurt to ask if anyone has a battery meeting those criteria

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What country are you inside of? Also if you could edit the category of the post to indicate if you want new or used, that would be helpful

I’m in the U.S.
Specified that with the (US) at the top of the post :slight_smile:

Not bothered with either new or used, just need pulleys that work

As for the battery, new would be ideal but I’m down to scoop up a used one if the price is right/the unit itself is still in good nick :slight_smile:

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i have some used 16t pulleys from radium, they are 20mm wide tho

hmmmm, I think that should be fine as long as my alignment is okay? Gonna double check to see if there’s any issues with running such wide pulleys.

Got a price in mind? And could you lmk where you’re located for shipping purposes?

i’m in Spokane, WA. $20 including shipping sound fair?

sure that’s fine :slight_smile: wanna take this to DM’s?

they only have 100 miles on em from my megan logs


Ive got an 18S4P P42A topmount brick pack and 18S SKP charger? Probably less than 10 cycles on it.

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Ideally I’d have liked to avoid dealing with topbox+I was looking for an 18s5p but if the price is right I may be down, have you got a price in mind?

For the pack, the oversized pelican case youll probably want to swap for something sleeker and more form fitting, and the 18S SKP charger, hmm. $600 + shipping?


Pulled the trigger on an 18s5p build, who do i talk to to close this thread…



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