[US] Wanted D140 12s BMS or any 12s bms

My friend recently crashed his board and in doing so destroyed his bms. He is currently stuggling with money and If anyone has one they are will to let go of for cheap please let me know.

Any 12s bms would also work we arent in any position to be picky.

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@thisguyhere do you have any in stock?

sorry, i’m out of bms and don’t really plan on ordering more, especially from bestech. the last batch i got were nearly all defective.

but…bms are readily available now on amazon it seems:

not sure about their quality though.

Every BMS we bought of of amazon has broke…

Is there any brand you like?

i just got this one but haven’t installed it yet, sorry i can’t be more helpful

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I have one 12s D140 I bought from BBK, Its brand new, never used 30$. Free shipping. Let me know if you want it.

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Did he get it?@ yelnats8j

also looking for one.

Yup, he got it.

is the BMS still available?

im after a D140 Lion 12s BMS

Forget BMS. Just use VESC plus BATTERY TESTER plus BULK CHARGER and once a while HOBBY CHARGER. This set up works for me perfectly.

Reviving. Could use a D140 or two for 12S


I ended up using a Daly bms, was a lot smaller.

Forget any safety. Just connect directly to Rectified AC. Just get good home insurance.


But seriously, you can skip the BMS if you know what you’re doing. You also don’t need hobby chargers. A HLG LED driver unit would work just as good.

But I like to have a BMS because it is the cheaper insurance.

Yo so like when did the d140 become crusty?

I’ve witnessed 2 of these bms’s fuck multiple pgroups, one on my board 3 on my buddies. Anyone else having issues with these? Wondering if I got one from a shit batch.