[US/VA] WTB Metr Pro Unity

WTB Metr Pro Unity that has been successfully used with a Focbox unity.

My metr is defective and the company can’t send out replacements at the moment.

where you at? ( update your profile )

U.S. / Virginia. Should be updated now

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I have a metr uni in with antenna in the group buy, coming to replace my current one.
I don’t think the timing works out to be useful. but if you were still suck when that comes I could part with the old one to help you out.

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To be fair, if I were you dude, I’d be looking for a standard metr to buy in case its the unity thats fucked

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just to add to the crazy

you can build an NRF module for like bux 10 if you have the parts… Max is selling his that he’s done all the leg work on, he will pin them for HW4 or HW6…

how much longer will the inquest last…???


Alright well I appreciate that. I am worried that it might be the unity itself

Do you mean a stock module or metr module?

Yeah I was thinking about that too. I just like how little space the metr pro unity takes up, Makes my enclosure setup nice and clean.

Where in va are you ?


That unity is an original from before the shit show.
It was working when I sent it to arty. And I don’t think he used it.

Pain in the ass.dealing with metr. Personally I’ve found customer support to be rather blunt (German) and the unit itself not amazing either. Not to mention the hassle of being over seas.

I’d for sure find a different unit rather than dealing with them but that’s just my experience. Isn’t there a Texas based unit available now?

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The unity is fine. It’s just the metr. Last night I rewired my flipsky v6 bt module to work with the unity and it seems to be working great.

Not sure about the Texas unit

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I’m fairly certain I kept the stock Bluetooth but I haven’t checked yet. I’ll keep you updated.

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Thanks man

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Sup dude. Found the stock bt unit. Ill send it your way if you cover shipping

Sweet how much is shipping. And send me paypal info

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$10 contUS


Gotcha. I’ll wire it to you and pm you my address