US TX WTS: Demonseed 42” diy board

Hi guys. Im looking to sell my diy board that I havent ridden in over a year. needs some work but she rips. Psychotiller enclosure is cracked.
LOCATED IN COLLEGE STATION TEXAS, Local pick up/delivery available. Really dont want to have to deal with shipping the battery but i can.
The deck: 42” rayne demonseed THICC ASS BOI (got ran over by a car and didnt even budge, i put like 500 miles on it after the fact)
Battery: 12s4p 30t psychotiller pack (you guys say its a fire hazard but its been fine for 3 years and im the second owner so shut it)
Esc: Torqueboards dual TORQUE6esc with METRPRO canbus.
Remote: hoyt puck
Drivetrain: Torqueboards 6354 motors, boardnamics m1 gear drive. One side is straight cut one is helical(dont ask, ive got a little bit of the ‘tism.
Boardnamics 220mm trucks, adjustable rear baseplate, the front is just a normal 45 degree baseplate i think. Riptide white bushings in the back and res ones i the front(don’t remember durometer)
Torqueboards 110mm wheels
CAN INCLUDE MOMENTUM HOLLOW WHEELS that havent been opened, (150$ value)

Charger: 4amp chineseium fast charger

**Price (550$ usd) + SHIPPING. negotiable, im trying to get rid of it but 550 would be nice. I can throw in some momentum hollow wheels that i preordered and never opened.
If i made this post completely wrong sorry i havent been on the forum in a long time.
Message me with any questions, thanks.
Pictures below


Given that some people think this pack is dangerous, I’d highly recommend uploading photos of it so that other people know exactly why/ what is the problem with it


I think I figured it out

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i had one, no fires, it melted the power lead off, @TheRef fixed it,said it was ok, i sold it. i asked the buyer to let me know if he had issues,i disclosed my sale thread (to buyers)where i had pics of everything. so far i havent heard anything about it .

Leadfoots deck is from that build,how stupid i was then,tiller build,no heat sink etc …er stupider than now? more ignorant? look now i know where to buy shit(meaning THE SHIT),but i still dont know shit(jack). Im still riding high on my frit job and installing my pelican case battery all by my self. You see we usually burry things i build,so YEAH

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the pack is probably ok, mine didnt last 2 weeks,ted said the power lead was …small

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true its pretty small. no issues for me though. I did limit the battery max discharge to 90 because if i go any higher it cuts off and throws you off.

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I mean at 500usd all what is beyond the wheels the deck and the puck is extra goodies

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True, but you’d still need to dispose of the battery and worry about it catching fire while it is being shipped

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Price drop to 500. Includes NEW Momentum Hollow wheels ($150 value)

can you inform me on psychotiller (im new to esk8 community)? was interested in this board bc i wanted a different board but the fire hazard part scares me

So what exactly is damaged with this board?I might be interested in buying it.

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