[US] Trampa Ultimate Truck & Open Belt Drive Set | $200 Shipped

Located in NYC, price includes shipping within the US.

Items are unused, just kept in storage. This is a Trampa Ultimate truck with 9.525mm titanium axles. I also have the adapter spacers for using standard 6001 bearings with a 12mm internal diameter.

There is only a single truck.

Along with the truck is a full Open Belt Drive set including idlers, with pulleys and belts for either a 15mm or 20mm wide belt. Belts included. Unused, mounts were test fitted to the truck.

Will also include pairs of orange and green Trampa Dampas for use inside the truck springs. Picture upcoming.

Asking $200 shipped.

Please buy. I’m broke, and have too much dead stock.



Still available.

Would these trucks be for good for an EVO 40" deck build or would these be more meant for decks with the nose/tail angles(basically all Trampa decks…)?

30degree decks

That’s a lovely bundle, shame is in the us…

I can ship it elsewhere if you’re interested.

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I’ll take it if still available

What tooth count are the pulleys?

Motor pulleys are all 14t. The wheel pulley is 62t for the 15mm width, and 68t for the 20mm width.

This is all sold. Please close @xsynatic , thank you. :pray: