US Taytos and enclosures price drops

$100 shipped for Tayto plus BB enclosure no skinned. Or $60 shipped with BKB enclosure.


Short board time. Build up that shorty you’ve always wanted. Build one up for your nephew or neighbor. I’ve got cheap esc’s for you too!


@xsynatic this fr

Should probably be selling this on Reddit I guess. Ain’t no Tayto love round here.


IDK I’d rather wait for them to get back in stock and spend an extra $40 for a new one.

On June 20th I got this from bkb in regards to the tayto.

“We should be restocking with our new and improved decks in the next month or so!”


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Good call. Tayto and BKB enclosure price reduced to $60

Doesn’t include custom skinned Deck or a big Ben enclosure.


Is the small BB enclosure available on its own?

Maybe. What do you think is a fair offer?


As an extreme hoarder I’m bad at that… Wanna do 50 bucks?

Skinned tayto and enclosure sold.

The rest are available. Make an offer. Not sure how I missed you @rafaelinmissouri but the answer would have been yes. Sorry.

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Any chance you have any short double stack enclosures?

I’ll take a look. I can’t remember. Headed out for a snowboard trip so it might be a couple weeks before I hit storage again.


Price drops

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Thats all good im in no rush :slight_smile:

Do you still have the long big ben enclosure?

For the tayto? Or one of the ones that are in the pic of the four enclosures?

yea, one of the four in the pic. The one with the cable cover thingy ding.

any news on a double stack enclosure?

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Still snowboarding my dude.

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That’s a hummie enclosure. I have a deck to go with that one so probably will have to come with a deck. Both for $80. But also have one other message about that one. Need to take an inventory of what I have left. Definitely have eboosted Evo enclosures.

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