[US]: SKP (Reacher), Bioboard, and other Motors, Pulleys (mostly new), wheels and tires

Time to clean house and make some space. All parts are used except the majority of motor pulleys. Shipping is not included in any price, but depending on the item make me an offer and I’ll consider it.


6485 SKP, 151kv (Reacher) Sensored Motors - I previously posted that the sensors had been fried due to a Ubox malfunction :fire:, but upon further review I’m an idiot… I just forgot reacher motors swap the colors on the ground and temp wires, so VESC wasn’t seeing them and neither was my $8 ebike motor tester. I’ve already bought some replacements so these are currently extra. Therefore, I’m changing the price on these to $225/pair. SOLD

65102 Bioboard, 138kv motors - About 1000 miles on them, but still have great performance. I use them for testing now, The stators and sensors were all dipped in epoxy and the cans have an extra couple millimeters of thickness for durability. I can leave the cnlinko hall connectors or swap them to JST (your choice) $160/pair

6485 Boardnamics (Flipsky), 190kv - Just the single motor. Got this motor thrown in when I bought some other parts. The can is pretty beat up, and the shaft was cut down for a Boardnamics M1 gear drive, but the motor doesn’t have many miles on it. I’ve tested it and it runs perfectly on the bench. $50 for the SINGLE. SOLD

6355 BKB 190kv - These are well loved with a lot of miles, but have been freshened up with all new bearings. $60/pair

Next up are a bunch of mostly new, mostly 8mm bore, steel pulleys for $15/pair including 14t from boardnamic with their m3 grub screws. The used and aluminum pulleys plus the 20t, 12mm D shaft pulleys are $10/pair. The aluminum 14t, 20t, and one of the 15t pulleys are 10mm bore, those are $10 also. If they’re not crossed out below they’re available.

Now for the wheels and tires:

Original Rockstar Pro hubs - $50
Still in very good shape and your choice of 10 or 12mm rs bearings

4 Primo Striker, 8 inch tires and tubes - $35

4 Trampa Hypa hubs - Matte black plus two 65t bearing pulleys $80 (all hardware, bearings and spacers included)

Or take tires, Hypa hubs and pulleys for $100.


Would the tires fit the rockstar hubs?

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They will, and I’ll combo them if you’re interested.

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Would these be too big for a backfire zealot? (It has very small Dual 750w belt drive motors). Just bought this as my first electric board and am hooked, plan on buying an ace deck in the near future but our winter here in MN has been light and I just couldn’t wait any longer so I picked up this board for cheap so I could get riding while I wait for a few more checks to come and go. Being fresh into the esk8 world (and being almost 40)I think I’ll feel a whole lot more comfortable with getting up to 30mph if I was cruising on some pneumatics. Maybe it would make more sense to buy the hypa hubs since they include the wheel pulleys.

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Unfortunately none of them will work with your Zealot. The truck hanger and shaft is not long enough for 6 inch tires and these are 8 inch. Hoyt St boards just released some 5 inch wheels with kegel pattern pulleys that might work for you, but i’m only guessing.

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Would it make sense/be possible to get some wider hangers with longer shafts for the stock caliber trucks it came with or would I be better off just buying suitable trucks or just get some wheels like the ones you mentioned or perhaps some 120mm cloudwheels or some of those non-pneumatic rubber tires that have holes in them to attempt to simulate pneumatics in a compatible size?

My apologies, not trying to hijack your thread

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You’re right… Its actually going to take an entirely new truck and motor mount combo. I just tried to do it with a friend’s zealot x and I couldn’t fit a bkb hanger (basically a longer caliber clone) on the stock baseplate. As far as the other options, cloudwheels will work, but anything else bigger than 120mm and I bet wheel bite is a problem.

Hey dude, welcome to the forum!
IMO converting the zealot to pneumatics would be more money than its worth, if even possible. The battery on the zealot will take a pretty large range hit too.
I’d suggest going with Madwheels 105s or similar.
They are immensely more comfortable than the stock zealot wheels and are aome of the grippiest thane out there.

If you’re interested in group rides for next year, check out MN Electric Riders on FB groups. We usually do a Tuesday afternoon ride every week inbthe greater Twin Cities area.
DM me if interested

Sorry for the derail @OzzysPaw!
I may pop back when i have funds for those sensually succulent sensorless reachers


The SKP Motors are S̶o̶l̶d̶…

Dm inbound for that boardnamics motor

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I believe the manufacturer on these is ant innovation, not maytech.


Interesting, that’s the first time I’ve heard that. Most of what I’ve read was that they were from Maytech, but I never bothered to ask Bioboard. I’m just going to remove that bit.

6384 boardnamics motor is sold!

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The SKP Motors are available again. The first buyer was a buddy, but now he’s changed his mind and is going with a higher kv motor.

SKP motors and a set of the steel 18t pulleys are SOLD.

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I’ll take two sets of the 18T pulleys if you’ve got em in 8mm keyway.

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18t pulleys are SOLD

14t and 15t steel pulleys sold. 14, 15 and two remaining 20t pulleys are aluminum and $10/pair.

20t d-shaft pulley is steel, and works with the BKB motors I have for sale.

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still got the tires, hypa hubs, and pulleys?

Yup, still got them.