[US] Ship me batteries! (There's beer in it for you)

So I’m looking at acquiring some batteries for a bunch of projects that I wanna work on, but unfortunately the place with the best prices only ships to the US, and I am unfortunately in Australia.

I am looking for someone who is familiar with shipping batteries internationally to send me these cells from the US to Australia. I will pay the shipping cost to get it here, but I will also buy you beer. A case of whatever you want, or whatever I choose (probably a bad choice).

Perhaps someone that was planning on buying from here could double up their order or something to save on the cost, as they get cheaper the more you buy. Anyway, hit me up.


Imma tag @longhairedboy because he has fedex account for international. If he doesn’t wanna, PM me, I have business UPS account or other methods. Might be able to work something.


Thanks heaps dude, that’s super awesome


Ups or dhl can do it but will charge like 300$ to ship

I couldn’t resist buying these for .66/cell


The issue is needing a US address to ship to in the first place. Also hoping the guys with business accounts could work out a better deal if possible

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I may also pitch in if you’re keen to split shipping I’m in QLD although International shipping rates have increased 2-3 fold in my experience, if you want any form of fast delivery.


BatteryClearingHouse has decided in the last few days to start charging for domestic delivery in the US. At this point I don’t think it would be economical to buy these batteries unless they could be shipped to me for under $200 which I highly doubt (unless shipping by sea is an option, I ain’t an expert so not sure if this available here)

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Anyone live in or near Raleigh?