[US] San Diego, 12s4p TB battery pack + enclosure $350

This pack has been well taken care of, and works AMAZING. Made with high quality Samsung 30q cells. Charges to 100% (although I always charge to 80), powers my fat ass up steep San Diego hills for 20+ miles.

Enclosure had a small crack, and I want a new deck. New deck new enclosure means I need a new battery that fits it. My loss, your gain.

I’ll throw in the enclosure as well, it could for sure still be used with a couple washers.

Not really sure what used batteries go for, so I’ll start at $350 obo.


all cheap TB ABS enclosures do that… the fix is print out an ABS stiffener that fits in the grooved section and bond it into place… if you don’t take off that edge, or reinforce it the enclosures will crack to shit…


free bump… GLWS


I fixed it by putting fiberglass around the edges where the boltholes are

GLWS :+1:


Or just glue a long alum. Strip from home.depot across the top… Works as yur master washer and no more cracking evr


:+1: Yep, three solid fixes for the same problem

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Sent an IM to OP with a couple questions about the battery. Should I have posted it here instead?

I’ll answer your questions publicly

The key is charging less than 100%. 80 is not exact, but a good spot to aim. The pack has a battery indicator, so while it charges, i watch, and when its close to 80% i just unplug it. Its pretty predictable.

Not sure about shipping, to PX, but I wont upcharge.

Not sure to what percentage you could be wrong on this…how does your CC/CV charger manage if you cut the charge before it gets to balance everytime?

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You always want to charge to 100%. You are more likely to unbalance your cells not charging to 100%. 100% is charger green light and not just battery indicator at 100%.


Everything I thought I knew is from listening to people who do know talk. My understanding is that charging to 100 to balance is good (and necessary), but storage at 100 will damage cell life. Either way, I’ve charged up to 100% on accident, and before long rides often enough that the battery is performing awesome. I’m confident that whoever gets it will not be disappointed in its performance. This battery is for sale because it doesn’t fit in a single stack enclosure, not because I wanted to replace it.


Sorry for posting. I just didn’t want people charging to 80%. @justbarno


So any idea how many cycles might be on the pack?

My best guess is no more than 50 cycles.

Not that it would be totally reliable, because people could cheat it, but that would be a cool BMS feature, to track cycles and storage patterns and allow you to report on it. @torqueboards :slight_smile:


Will you take $285?

tell that to @DRI

Bold offer @kchxaz GL

Well, my logic in that was last year I bought a 12s5p with samsung 30q cells for $330. I had to wait 5 weeks while it was built and shipped but it was by the best price I could find anywhere else. By a bit actually.

I believe the OP when he says he treated it with care, I know I do mine. The thing that is always a chance with a used battery though is you just never know how much longer it’s going to last, and it may be something totally unrelated to how well a person treats the battery anyways.

I made a best guess I thought was fair to us both and took the shot. We’ll see what happens.


Its sold already, thanks for the offer though. Not sure how to update the thread.

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You can just ask one of the mods to close it.