[US] Propel X4S W/ Dual Batteries for sale $2200

Subject: [US] Propel X4S W/ Dual Batteries for sale $2200

Newest model Propel X4S W/ Dual Batteries, remote, and OEM tools
Has 70 miles on the clock. With the hot-swappable batteries, you get 30 miles of off-road usage. Cannot fit it in my Miata and I am selling my car to live the bike life so I don’t have any space to transport this board anymore, is in like new condition. Originally paid $3000 after shipping.
$2200 (USD) Buyer pays shipping


Best i can do is trefiddy.

I think you could fit the Miata on the board, just fine. Its cool, but dang it looks heavy…does it feel heavy?

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It’s 60lb’s, awesome for offroad and going over root-infested trails but hey you’re supposed to be riding it, not carrying it.

What is this monstrosity and why do I kind of want it?

Although I am a little disappointed that the deck height is still somehow just shorter than my current board. I also have no use for it as I too live the no car life. Just dropping this comment here to help the post get more visibility.

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Tyler TX? I’ve been scoping these for a bit and I’m only a couple of hours away. Alas, I just bought an Endeavor (and then a big battery upgrade for it) to scratch my “I need to try a board with suspension” itch so I’m tapped out right now. One of these, or a Bajaboard is in my future though…

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These things are beasts, went down a dual track with my brother and he was on a KTM 890 adventure and I was able to keep up 85 % of the time in the sand

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