[US] [Partout][Sale] Selling Eboard - $175

Looking to sell a board I built. I just bought an EScooter, and it is a much better fit for my college campus life right now. Much cheaper than I built it for since I’m just trying to get it out of here. Nothing wrong with it, just kinda want to get the money. I’m in La Jolla, San Diego.

200kv with 6s 8Ah battery
10-mile range
20 mph speed
(Benchmarked at 160-pound rider)

Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/y2JpoDW

Willing to ship if the buyer pays to ship.

Motor (6374 200kv) - $50
Battery (6s 8Ah ZOPower LiPo) - $50
ESC - $40
Board (with trucks/wheels) - $40
Motor Mount with Belt/Pulley - $20

I will be happy to answer any more questions


How do you charge it? Looks like there is no BMS based on the fact that the lipo balance connectors are protruding from the enclosure.

Also, definitely no riding anywhere near water based on the exposed connectors

I have a loop key that connects those two prongs. I have a LiPo charger that connects to the xt-90 and the balance port. The on switch is for the esc. While the loop key is in, which is required for riding, it is waterproof since there is never any current running through the balance port while not charging.

The board comes with a charger.

There is in fact voltage running through balance wires at all times
We troubleshoot batteries by probing the balance wires whether they are plugged in or not
If water were to touch, youd have a short circuit


Well yah, but any volt/multi meter would be connecting that circuit. While not connected to anything, there isnt any current. The meter is acting as a switch for the balance wires. Any small current that would be going through doesn’t seem like it would matter though.

A drop of water is enough to short it. But it’s still a good price even if someone had to mod it.


Fair. Wasn’t sure about currents running through balance. Just kinda figured that the low voltage difference between each of the cells and the naturally high resistance of water and the small amount from wires would be fine.

Lived in California my whole life, so water on the ground also wasn’t my highest priority :slight_smile:


There is definitely no current running through balance wires that are not plugged in. There is voltage on those leads however.


Put water on your balance wires and tell me no current will flow…

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Anyone interested in buying the board? If so, I can ship today.



You could short all the leads out and current will flow too. But that’s not what you said.

Voltage doesn’t “run through” wires either. But we get the idea.

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Alrighty sir…go wrap a sandwich and leave the guy’s sale thread alone…

This coming from the guy that’s doing his best to kill the sale!? Brilliant!

Funny you say that…now fuck off

Water won’t hurt that much. If it did short something, it’d just get hot and boil off, removing the short.

Water affects ESCs and sensors and bearings much more than high-voltage power connections.


Good to know…but goddamit, I’m not trying to derail this sale :rofl:

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Might just repost. This looks like a butchered sale.


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