[US] Nextboard by NGV 4x Hub Motor

World’s fastest electric skateboard. Sells new for $3,000. Barely ridden, one wheel needs a new bearing (have instructions).

Includes replacement bearing, battery charger, remote, battery volt reader, extra screws, one Tattu 9,000mAh 6 cell lipo with a few cycles. Compared to Kaly and LaCroix that sell for over $4K, this board is way faster.

Price $1,500 PayPal goods and services. FREE shipping CONUS.

Features: Nextboard Features - YouTube

Range: 10 miles with one 6S battery – 9000 mAh or 20 miles with two 6S batteries – 9000 mAh at average speed 17 mph

Top Speed: up to 22 mph with 4S battery; up to 35 mph with 6S battery; up to 47 mph with 8S battery, up to 68 mph with 12S battery

Hills: More than 25% gradient, rider weight 220lbs, speed 15 mph

Deck material: high grade custom molded carbon fiber, weight 1.76lbs

Deck length: 103 cm

Deck wheelbase: 75 cm

Trucks: Bear Kodiaks 160mm/180mm with extender

Wheels: NGV 85 mm wheels on alu core, contact patch 70mm, 80 shore A special urethane mix

Motors: 4x NGV 2000W 180kv BLDC inwheel motors

Battery(*): compatible 4S to 12S LiPo battery min 5000mAh capacity, discharge 25C or more; or equivalent LiFePo4 battery

Weight: 15.42lbs + battery

Braking: regenerative, ABS

Acceleration: safe start – push start 1,5 mph, controlled acceleration – top speed achived in 10-12 seconds

Bluetooth remote: 2 speed settings

Max Load: 308lbs

Terrain: Smooth and hard surfaces ie tarmac, bitumen, concrete

Slides: Yes, just like on any other top quality non electric longboard


wow there is a first
never seen one of these for sale before


this actually exist? :flushed:


someone buy this and put the hubs on a red ember


I would buy just to try it “IF” i had moneys to play around :joy:

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Indeed. Board is wide for foot placement.

not that fast on the 6s battery it comes with…

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You just need another battery.


I’ll take it for 100

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Is the board still available?

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Is this still available?

Do you still got the board and is there any working on the price?

Never heard of this before. What kinda body count this thing got?

not to be rude but I’m confused why this board cost 3k new? I must be missing something.

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It shouldn’t


Sheer audacity, it doesn’t even come with batteries. Maybe the hubs are made of magic.

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lol. I wasn’t trying to be negative on some ones sale post. I just was wondering why something like this is 3k new.

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The top speed claim is insanity, 68mph is way too fast. I dont even know top speed of my board, i too scared at 40mph to push it any further.

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sounds sick

Edit: this is not OPs Board. The video is from Facebook.


It looks like there’s a decent amount of meat on those sleeves