[US] Mooney’s Garage Sale

Sorry for not putting in a direct category but I literally have a little bit of everything.

1st item which sucks but I need more funds to put towards testing.

• 20s6p Dream Chaser Build ($3990 shipped)

This build boasts a 20s6p p42a pack build by @Skyart and his crew. It’s packs a shit ton of power and is very girthy. It’s sporting twin lil foccers and 135kv 7490’s. You might’ve seen it do the wheelie in one of my videos. The trucks are finality AT with a 4.0 ratio on 9” racing tires. This is a great cruising board with plenty of range. It has a metr and davega already installed. It has a binding on it already setup for regular and it’s a Tomiboi deathwish deck. 3d printed spacers to accommodate the phat pack. Anything less than 8” tires are a no go due to clearance issues. The pack has less than 30 cycles on it and also has a smart bms. It is running with SHFI because one of the sensors was acting up. Comes with a VX4 remote and 6 amp 20s charger. Please don’t hesitate to ask!

Second Item: 4 Qty SKP 179kv 7490’s (360 ea pair shipped)

They’ve all been used for a couple rides on different boards but have tons of power and cooling. The sensors are hit or miss on these 7490’s. I was planning a mini bike build with 2 but that’s not for a while and they’re sitting on a shelf.

Fourth and final item (for now): Trampa drivetrain with TB 6380 190kv modors (300 shipped for the lot)

I was going to do a build for a buddy utilizing these trucks and motors but don’t have time. They have pulleys for MBS I believe and an extra set of belts. Comes with everything in the pics.

Thanks for checking everything out and let me know if y’all have any questions! If you’d like to pay with PP goods and services, please front the fee cost. Thanks!

Also, shipped implies continental US, can ship everything but the board outside. Will split shipping with ya if it’s outrageous.

Sold: Third item: Brand new SKP 6485 138kv modors (350 for the pair shipped)

They were mounted on my prototype and that’s it. Wires are still in protective film. Still in original boxing.


Damn, those tyres look beefy. Where did you bought them, and are they any good for racing?



They’re 9x3.5” tires. Just found them online and made them work🤣. I’ve never lost traction, I’ll tell ya that much.


Trying to sell baby!

Bump and take 10% off everything!

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dude you probably never lost traction because of how grounded the board is :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Last price drop for a while.

Bump and take 20% off everything

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Booooomp! Taking offers!

where did you get those tires from and how do you like em grip and turning wise?

Just found em online. They’re massive and very grippy but they have a stiff sidewall so they’re not the best for cushion. They have an insane amount of grip

would you happen to have the link or be able to take a closer pic of the tire so i can look for it?

They are CST C190 tyres, 9x3.5-4

You need a 4" hub for them, the standard hub diameter for esk8 is 3.75. This means either a trampa megastar (i think) or the mbs rockstar ii pro xl. These are double lip rims that support both the 3.75" and the 4" diameter


also trampa phatlads and mbs fivestar

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Also trampa primo

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Take 40% off everything.


SKP motors sold.

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