[US] leafboard special

Just got this thing and I’m not all so into How small it is but it’s super portable and a fun little board. Only weights 9.7lb and got a decent amount of power. Manufacturer claims it has a 11 mile range but realistic range would be 6-8 miles. I somehow did 10 one time but I’m quite light. It’s practically new, less then 40 miles on it. Pretty cool board as it’s integrated and runs foc. Even has a usb so u could charge your phone
Asking $120.00


Leifboard you say?


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I’m gonna need to see some sick drifts there Mr. Karman

I thought you said this is one of your favorites?

I definitely would love something like this. I almost got one last year for 150. No more monies for esk8 stuff tho.


The plus was my favorite lol. This is just the special. Near the same but I don’t like riding in general anymore LOL

I can’t believe you’re here trying to sell this hahaha

It’s like a louboard with a different deck

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Price bump, $150.00
Pickup 92127 or split shipping within 48 upper states

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Anyone want this? Price bump to $120.00

Bump, a complete for the price of a vesc 6

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$100.00 bumpppppppp, take this shit lol. Maybe you want it @surfnacho

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I’m a fat American and I don’t have any tiny people in my life or I’d be snaggin’.

When does it get cheap enough for @Venom121212 to pick it up for a neighborhood kid?


Fuck you got me. Good eye man. Always trying to build the next Gen esk8 army.

PM incoming



This girl is gonna be pumped. She’s been out pushing a very similarly shaped deck around almost every day for close to a year now. She definitely deserves this for the hard work. Texted her parents and let them know in case she needs a bday gift.


Yo man do you still have it, I’ll take it

Nope. @xsynatic, do ya thing

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