[US] Lacroix Prototipo 12s4p For Sale!

[US] Lacroix Prototipo 12s4p

-12s4p Molicel P42a

-Reacher 6485 205kv motors

-Unity ESC with FreeSK8 Xenigotchi

-Hoyt puck bamboo remote

-7a charger

-MBS Matrix 2 trucks with EBS motor mounts

-Trampa urban treads 165mm tires

Deck is 9/10 condition with original hex grip tape.

Price (USD): $2000+shipping. Located in NYC/NJ


This thing is in such good condition :fire:


This won’t be for sale for very long. Good luck with sale!


Deal with confidence. Great seller/community member here!

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Still available!

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What’s the range still available

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all depends on your weight. i say between 18-30 miles. yes it’s available.

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20 miles range is a fair assumption for this board.

  • At 25 wh/mile, you’d get ~ 20 miles range on a 12s4p. (realistic)

  • At 17 wh/mile, you’d 30 miles out of a 12s4p. (not realistic)

Now with new tires 175mm

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SOLD please close

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