[US] Gullwing Sidewinder/Santa Cruz deck unfinished project for sale

Up for sale is an project that has been put together and taken apart a few different times. The motors work well with the only issue being the screws that hold the motor too the motor mount like to come loose under vibration. Nothing a bit of locktight wouldn’t fix.

The esc is a basic Chinese ESC that works with belt drive setups but does not come with a remote. Pairs with any of the meepo/chinese knockoff remotes that are around.

The best part is the gullwing sidewinders with a custom motor mount system and the santa cruz drop down deck. Riding and carving this thing is supper fun.

I no longer have the time or the energy to put this together and get it working again.

150 plus shipping or best offer, I’ll probably take it.


Bump… Still available and open to offers.

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SOLD 10char

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