[US] FS: BN 40T Kegel pulleys, SRB Extenders

Selling some miscellaneous parts kicking around the garage taking up precious shelf space. Prices are negotiable, lowballers will be ignored. Will ship from Massachusetts. Shipping prices included are for within continental US. Will ship elsewhere, but will have to figure out shipping price.

Boardnamics 40T metal Kegel pulleys
In excellent/like new condition. Include 8mm bearing.
** :us: Price (USD)**: $40 shipped


Mboards SRB extender bracket
New condition. Bought a pair of the MBoards extenders, only needed to use one. Will include M5x30 bolts and nylon nuts for it. Larger space in center allows you to screw in the main heim bolt on the 3-links basically all the way without having to drill deck.

** :us: Price (USD)**: $50 shipped for MBoards (shiny)


Boardnamics 270 hangers
Cosmetically they’ve got some dings, functionally they are fine. 10mm axles.
** :us: Price (USD)**: SOLD

Boardnamics BN220 fixed angle baseplate
In good shape. I want to say this is 50° but someone please correct me if that’s wrong.
** :us: Price (USD)**: SOLD

Boardnamics Adjustable Angle baseplate
In good shape. Couple dings.
** :us: Price (USD)**: SOLD


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Is that adjustable BP the newer version? I’m likely interested if so :eyes:

I’m not sure tbh - what’s the difference?

The newer ones have less play and a more easily replaceable kingpin bolt… when/where did you buy it?

I bought it from someone on the forum here earlier this year. No idea which gen it is unfortunately.

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BN trucks sold, matte finish SRB extender sold.