(US) FLUX deck & enc (basically new) 4sale - SoCal

Item : Flux Deck with Enclosure (OG Version)

Description : Minimal use and still in very good condition with only a couple very small and minor cosmetic blemishes, most of which will be covered when you put new griptape on. Price includes the enclosure and hardware, deck already has inserts installed from Flux originally.

Price : $250 plus shipping. It’s already in a box ready to go to a new home and I can send out as soon as soon as today.

Feel free to shoot over any additional questions anyone has.

Pics : :arrow_down: :arrow_down: :arrow_down:



How is this still available?? I’m not a fan of having the trucks higher than the standing platform so I’m just commenting to bump this up for people who missed it.



Well, because you asked, @DEEIF said he wanted it and committed to it but we never linked up. I had thrown it under my bed where it’s been sitting for the last few months. LOL. I am just low on cash so need to find a home for it.

Also…Having your trucks higher than the standing platform gives you more stability, why wouldn’t you want that…?

#thanksforthebump :kissing_heart:

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“Bump, bump it up, bump the jam, why your feet are bumpin…”

anyone… bump

I have that deck and adore it, went for a 50km cruise on it yesterday. If ever i rebuild it im definitely making it a 4wd behemoth

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Hells yeah! That’s tight @JesseM

My good homie that I ride/build with all the time recently built a 4WD BEAST with the same deck and it’s pretty fucking gnarly.

Keep ridin and smilin my dude.

bump bump bump bump it up!

Price drop, $225 for this new condition flux v1 deck with enclosure. Plus shipping.

Come and get it!

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For anyone curious,1st gen enclosure can do 12s9p or 18s6p maximum with 21700’s.


bump to the top we go, someone needs this thing, I know it…

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Still got the deck and enclosure?

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Just DM’d you back brotha. @Esk8norway

sold and sent out. Mods you can close this thread. Sorry @Esk8norway but @b264 beat you to it,

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