US. Flux Deck and Enclosure New $225 Shipped!!!

First gen Flux Deck and enclosure in new condition. $200. No graphic.


That’s a beautiful thing right there

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One or two interested parties but no one has made the decision.

Get the cheapest new Flux that you will find.

$225 Shipped in lower 48!!!


For any potential buyer 21700 12s9p can fit if you didn’t know.


How different is a Flux deck/enclosure compared to a Lacroix Nararre deck/enclosure?

Also, what differences are there between the 1st and later generation Flux deck/enclosures?

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I’m not the best resource for this but I can tell you that I thought it was Nazare when it was in my stack of 40+. I only noticed it was different because the thickness is not the same. The enclosure is abs. Not sure about the later gen.

The AT2 can fit a 12s10p or 18s7p max battery config, and also has a cutout for front headlights
1st gen enclosure can do 12s9p or 18s6p maximum.


The decks are different feeling on feet. The lacroix isn’t totally flat like the flux. Also for the nazare deck and enclosure that’s going to vary between which generations as well.

The AT1 came in 2 sizes for enclosures but not huge differences. Early ones were meant for 18650 and need a gasket to space for 21700.

At2 enclosures are injection molded as well.


just put an 18S6P in mine, same number of cells. offset stacking, 12 one way and 6 the other, will also give you 9 cells across the bottom.


I need to upgrade my flux too. 12s feeels weak now since I’ve been riding. 14s and up.


Lacroix has a lot more flex. Generally the lacroix decks feel kind of playful. You can bounce on a lacroix and bottom it out.

The flux is very stiff in comparison. This is personal preference, but I find the lacroix deck flex magical, especially with the 6 segment enclosures. the 4 segment enclosures stiffen the deck ever so slightly.

Very minimal difference in concave profile. There is a post on the forum somewhere comparing them. Overall I’d say it’s immaterial.


Samezies. I’d love to upgrade my V1 Flux to an 18s… but too many other projects right now.

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18s the way to go. Lots of torque and speed. I could not go back to 12s. Flux AT2 fits a 18s7p in 21700 batteries. This is with a 4wd setup.

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This plank is sold pending funds. Sounds solid.

@BillGordon do your thing and close it.

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lol better let somebody with no backbone do that for you.