[US] Floatwheel kit, controller optional, $250

I have a floatwheel kit (hub, rails, footpads, pint bumpers, battery, charger) with the improved rail mounting. The original controller died.
$250+shipping (probably around $30 continental US.
Wire up Raiden 7 controller for $200. I don’t have a working bluetooth.
Rescue PCB $25 - provides Bluetooth connection and configurable alerts over CANBUS via speaker and mobile app


Are you able to confirm that the footpads are completely functional? How long was this setup used?

I rewired it to a Raiden 7 controller I had in another build and confirmed footpads still detect pressure and board is functional. There are some leds on the footpads that don’t work. This has less than 100 miles on it.

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I will take it off your hands

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@xsynatic sold, please close