[US-east coast] selling used parts

Buyers pay shipping
US only

Flash wheels (4)

  • 125mm airless wheels
  • Metal kegel core

SRB 3-link trucks

  • 10mm axel
  • Riptide bushings
  • Upgraded collars for radius rods

Sub-sonic century 40 deck w/ DS enclosure

  • 1 owner
  • comes with eboards-peru century 40 doublestack enclosure
  • the deck inserts are 4mm and requires some re-work to properly mate the deck and enclosure

Dual ESC spintend 75v/100A x 2

  • USB-C ? Version
  • the CAN bus is broken
  • ESCA & ESCB are operable but you’ll have to do something like splitting your reciever connection


Are those OG 3-links or HD version?

They’re OG axles.

I’ve got a set of OG axles. Chris @Yeahthatperson beat the shit out them before I owned them so somehow I have an unbendable set. I share that just to say, buying OG axles isn’t a guarantee that you’ll bend them.

$250 is a great price for 3-links.



dibs on the flash wheels. will cover shipping to igloo land

edit: FFS, just saw US only…

i mean if you paying for shipping anyways, maybe he’ll make an exception??

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Is that canada? Never done international shipping but I will check and let you know.

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What the cat said. They’re OG


I read into shipping to cananada. Not going to happen, sorry.


I have shipped many times to Canada and have never had an issue.

If you use shippo it’s very easy to do the required customs form and you just stick that on the package next to the shipping label.


alternatively, I’m not sure how @Pecos feels about doing it but he and I plan to meet up around the border soon, he could liaison it perhaps.

TBH these wheels are technically unobtanium, at least that printing, and I really want them

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Id be willing to courier. The biggest reason for our meeting is i wana ride Bellingham AND lithium is danger- shipping is more than gas

Just remember if im gonna kiester them for you i need you to buy me dinner first


Let me know what you guys decide. I can start shipping these this week. @Pecos @tech.shit

I must have the Subsonic deck and Enclosure Combo.


PM sent your way !