[US] Cyber Sunday! (Supplies extremely limited)

Selling some brand new unused parts purchased from Build Kit Boards.

All items are free shipping in the contiguous US.

[SOLD] 15t 15mm Motor Pulley - $5 (was $8)

[SOLD] 32t Flywheel Modular Pulley Set - $30 (was $50)

[SOLD] VESC Bluetooth Adapter -$5 (was $20)

All parts are brand new in perfect condition. Let me know if you have any questions.



Here you go

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I need kegal but I love u anyway


what would shipping to NY cost?

Are the exway pulleys any good? I was thinking of getting a pair

I actually haven’t used them, i’d assume they’re of fine quality

Looks like items include shipping


Shipping is free

How dare you use such a flashy title to trick me into this sale


Do you happen to have two 15mm Motor Pulley?

I’ll take the flywheel pulleys assuming they have a bearing support? What are they from?

Would be fitting to calibers

Nope. Sorry

Sale is pending. They are from Build Kit Boards

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I’ll take the motor pulley, throw me your PayPal

I could use the VESC Bluetooth adapter!

Okay lemme know

All items sold. Thread can be closed.

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Damn i wanted that module…With “contiguous” i thought within your state or the next to you but not the rest of the us.

Also time Zone fucked me over

Sure but you need to summon a mod for that :wink:

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