[US] Custom Hi5ber Raptor Electric Build

30M Range, 25-30mph and weighs just 20lbs

Looking to sell one of my custom boards to make room for another. Less than 100 miles on this setup, will come with a 1.5A charger and I’ll guarantee it for 90 days (provided you don’t crash or retune it) and happy to help with any normal wear-n-tear issues as I build these a lot.

Based in Tampa, FL and prefer to meet if you’re local or close otherwise it’ll have to be shipped. And the screen shot showing the battery was just taken, very few cycles on it.

Hi5ber Raptor Carbon Fiber Deck (heavy duty)
TorqueBoard Trucks
105mm Cloud Wheels
12s4p battery w/Samsung 30Q cells (50.4v, 80A cont, 12,000mAh)
Charge only BMS (discharge is bypassed, not needed)
Flipsky 4.2+ VESC w/integrated anti-spark
Flipsky VX1 Remote w/battery monitor
Flipsky BT – can connect to Apple for monitoring and android to adjust the tune with the VESCTool (though I suggest not touching anything but the throttle unless you are familiar with the programming).
Dual Battle hardened Flipsky 6355 motors (brushless, hall sensors)
TorqueBoard Adjustable Motor Mounts w/dual idlers (so it still rolls like a skateboard on or off)
3:1 belt drive (45t hub gear/15t motor gear)

Asking $1,300 OBO


good christ how many million miles does this get?


LOL apparently I was overly excited about writing that - and too dependent on spellcheck possibly? Ha

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Fairly sure cloudwheels only come in 105mm and 120mm, off hand these look like 120

Edit: oops never mind, it’s 12,000 mAh

I’m betting the meant 12,000 mAh

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I’m a dumbass, thank you

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What’s this app


Wow looks better then what I’ve seen

yes, but, banter

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Updated… 105mm, it’s the 4th type of hub so I lost track at some point

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Price dropped to $1600 OBO

I’m interested. sent PM

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I can’t PM, send email please m_oliver1@yahoo.com thanks

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@xsynatic can we help this man out :arrow_up:

Sent you an email, will PM you as well.

Bump - open to offers or may part out if there’s any interest…

Dropped price to $1400 for everything

Lowered to $1300!


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