[[US] clearance sale + Free stuff] Deck plus enclosure, Hubs kit, 6355 TB Motors Tools it

Everything sold. Except Nano-x for $20

140W Weller solder gun + hobbyking 1500/750W hot air gun for $25.

I’m in bay area. If you can pick up that would be awesome! Otherwise calculate your shipping from 94609 at https://postcalc.usps.com/



PM’d about wheels

Dibs on the Firefly

@ZachTetra My paypal is arveenbkumar@gmail.com. Shipping should be $5

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Does it have everything to fully assemble the kit?

If you could hold the sector nine deck with enclosure until the 30th, probably pick it off you

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2nd in line for that 12s charger if @anon54720240 doesn’t take it.

Sorry, I am moving out, Need everything gone by next 2-3 days.

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Are you going to upload pictures of the other stuff?

Yep, adding slowly.

Where are you located in the bay area?


Dibs on sector 9 and land yachtz sloth

Interested in the hubs, are they any decent?

Thinking about them for a here friend you can ride this board build

how long have you had those motors for? I’m interested if they are in mint/new condition. I’m in SoCal. Please PM me if possible. Thanks.


You made it

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Thanks @Skunk Don’t tell me you run this show!?

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Naw, just neighbor troll

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