[US][California][WTS local] Trampa DIY full build - Geardrive - 200Kv - 12S4P 30q underbody

Hoping the locals browse here - San Diego, CA local pickup $1200

Selling because the motors either need new Hall sensors or the Focbox needs recalibrating and I don’t have the time or know-how. I had a couple battery cells replaced and I have not been able to figure out VESC myself. Motors stutter from a standstill but is very easy to push off or do a scoot to get them spinning full speed (this is why I assume it may be the HALLs). Battery percentage also not showing on remote. Assuming these are pretty easy fixes for you DIY people.

Specs -----

Deck: Trampa

Trucks: Trampa Vertigo with Dampa bushings in the back

Motors: 8085 200Kv

Battery: Samsung 12s4p 30Q

Bindings: MBS velcro foot straps for Goofy-footed riders, would need to re-drill for Regular

Hubs and wheels: 8 inch pneumatic tires with Sunmate Superstar hubs

Charger and remote: Flipsky VX2 - 4amp charger with fan

Pulley: 3D Servisas Spur Gear Drive motor pulley = 8T wheel pulley 30T

VESC: Focbox Unity dual 80A ESC


@KaramQ hey mr pawn shop u wanna deal with this?

what brand are the motors? having trouble finding any info on an 8085 200kv. it’s an interesting build for sure. I’m on a fence looking at it

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I also couldn’t find info about these motors when I went looking. The the only info I have from the original owner is: “8085 200Kv motors were designed for Kaly but didn’t get to be used in his boards”

If I opened up the motor casing is there typically brand/specification information inside?

Here is a closer pic of them

yeah damn those motors are massive. i don’t think you’ll find any info inside :man_shrugging:t2: i see that it’s a kaly board now… it must rip. does it have the torque to get you up steep hills?

Yeah it hasn’t failed to get me up anything reasonably climbable, even at 230lbs+gear.

It performs best when at speed, which I understand with high KV motors you don’t tend to get max torque unless going like at least 8-10mph, but anything above that speed is just easily chewed up no matter how steep and just rolls over everything with the 8" tires.

Has been a lot of fun, I just know it will thrive in the hands of someone with more DIY skills and I’m more of a prebuilt kinda guy.

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This ain’t a pawn shop buy💀

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would this eskate be good for racing

As far as I know with racing you want really big motors like this has but I’m not sure if the Samsung cells would be as good as a Molicel pack? Maybe someone can correct me. Also not sure what kind of deck is best for racing I would think a dropdown is preferred.


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What’s the range on this bad boy?

I haven’t done a range test on it but looking at other prebuilts with the same 12s4p 30q pack they are saying 20-30mi with a 160lb rider. I have only ridden it off-road with lots of steep hills and I’m heavier, so obviously getting a lot less mileage than that, but the longest mountain trail I’ve done is 11mi.

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I’ll take offers below asking btw, just PM!

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