(US, CA, L.A.) WTT 2 MBS (for 1 truck) yellow Shock Blocks for 2 MBS red Shock Blocks.

I have (2) new MBS yellow/soft Shock Blocks for one truck. I would like to trade for (2) new red/hard MBS Shock Blocks. I want them so I can have a stiff rear truck, and a super carve(y) frot end. Thought someone might have a couple sitting around. Also, thought I’d try this, because I don’t know if I m gonna like this setup, and don’t want to buy 4 from MBS, to find out. These came out of brand new/never used Matrix 2’s They have a couple of minor cosmetic scratches on the bottom plate. Looks like it’s from the adjustment screw finding its home.

I assume you have the orange ones already then? If.not and.interested then I am!

I was hoping to get some red ones. But I’ll trade for some orange. I’ll mail it out tomorrow. What’s your address?

Pm incoming… Mine are brand new as I havent finished my board but know my light ass will probably need sum yellows :wink: