(US) Build Parts for Sale! 10s3p 30Q Battery Pack | BKB 97mm Wheels | Jet Spud 29" | Eboosted Spud DS Enclosure (SOLD)

Parting out one of my lesser used boards. Here goes!

Shipping US Only

Please PM me if interested!

Focbox Unity$280 shipped SOLD

  • Lightly used, latest firmware installed.
  • Bit of silicone sealant stuck to the hall sensor rubber plugs, as pictured.

Unity Metr Pro$65 shipped SOLD

Hoyt Puck Remote$150 shipped SOLD

  • Like new, lightly used but in great condition - no scratches, dents or dings.

Prebuilt Samsung 30Q 10s3p Flat Battery Pack + Vruzend 3A Charger$220 shipped OBO SOLD

  • Built by Hyperion Systems last year (May 2018)
  • Charge-only BMS, Vruzend 48V 3A Charger, optional XT60 and JST 2-pin extension cables.
  • Lightly used, no more than 10 cycles because I spent more time tinkering with the board than actually riding it this year.
  • Removed shrinkwrap to test the cells earlier this year, all are balanced.

BKB 97mm 78a Premium Build Wheels$30 shipped SOLD

  • Brand new, never used.

Jet Spud 29" Deck$45 shipped SOLD

  • Used, Not a masterpiece by any definition, lol. Routed out the upper mid section to accommodate a top-mounted BMS when I was using a single-stack enclosure (not enough depth) - also the cause for so many threaded inserts, switched that enclosure for the double-stack and had to redo the inserts. I’ll be happy to include some flat head countersunk m4 screws and countersunk washers.

Eboosted Jet Spud Double-stack Enclosure + WiFi LEDs$80 shipped SOLD

  • Used, drilled to hell.
  • The artistic streaks you see are the result of me attempting to clean some sticky gunk off the surface with some 90% iso and subsequently learning to never do that again. :confused:
  • Comes with LED strips, converter, and power button because I’m too lazy to remove.

Combo Spud Deck + Enclosure$120 shipped

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Can you measure that battery pack for me please?

No prob!
It’s roughly 11.5" x 5.5" x 1.25" accounting for the top-mounted bms and the cable bulk.

A bit too long for my enclosure, drats. Thank you!

:frowning: Drats indeed!

I have a double stack eboosted spud enclosure that it does fit in (drilled to hell, though) if you’re interested :wink:

Pm me some pics whenever you’re free

Battery still available?

Bump with an update!

So with the current battery config it will not work with the SS eboosted enclosure unless you route that section on the board?

It didn’t work for me because of the top mounted BMS. It required a concerning amount of pressure just to bolt down the SS enclosure.

Are the wheels still available?

Heya, sorry I meant to respond… been in my head all weekend :frowning:

No, sadly the wheels aren’t available. Everything sold on Friday, I just haven’t had the opportunity to update the listing.

no worries! thanks for letting me know :slightly_smiling_face:
hope the weekend wasn’t too crazy!
I’ll see if I can track some down elsewhere, they seem like a good wheel for the price

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Turds I was really eyeing the spud