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[US] bkb Tayto complete (loaded Omakase)

I have a deck swapped Dual motor BKB Tayto Kit that I’m looking to get rid of for 725 OBO. I’ll include the original Tayto deck with shipment along with the Fast charger.


What trucks comes with this kit, I didn’t find this info on the site? Are you Call IIs 184s at 50 deg?

cali ii clone 50deg


Dope little board. I would take this over a Boosted Mini any day…but alas, I like the long boards. However, if I were to go for a short board it would have to be an Omakase. GLWS!

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I’ve ridden this board, it’s way more comfortable than my Tayto. Just feels good underfoot.

Prettt sure there isn’t more than 10-15 cycles on it, though @Enjoimangos could confirm.


Thanks, what size? 184s?

If it fits dual 6350 my guess is they’re e caliber, so a 180 hanger with a longer axle

My quick measurement before work says 188, should be 184 just my finger trolling me

But the rear hanger is slightly shorter, as the axle is longer to compensate

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Yeah 10 max.

What is the replacement deck?

@Enjoimangos Is this still available? If so, I would love to purchase it.

Is this still available?

This is sold. @xsynatic @Enjoimangos sold it to another local. Hes not on here much