US based esc repair

Aloha, I tried searching forum for anybody willing to repair escs in the US but came up with nothing. I have a maytech 100amp esc and a maytech dual super esc I’d love to repair if possible (so I can make spare parts builds!!) But wouldn’t be devastated if couldn’t fix them. Anybody willing to give repair the ol college try? The dual won’t connect to vesc tool and I simply can’t get the other esc case bolts loose (1.5mm) to look inside. BTW I did communicate with Johnny some time ago and he didn’t want to mess with my maytechs :pensive:

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Is Johnny Repair still in business? He fixed a couple of my drv’s back in the day.

Not in the US, but in Canada, close enough.

I’ve had escs repaired by him in the past but he wasn’t interested in checking out my maytechs. Also international shipping sucks. Thankfully a forum member has already messaged me

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Last I heard Johnny was out of the repair business.