(US)Anyone want these pos cursed tbdd?

Tbdd 75kv
They’re broken, painted, scratched up, and cursed. One motors got mad resistance from when it seized up and tossed me. the other one works, but all the kegel pins just kinda fell off. As is. Probably fixable and maybe do an exorcism on em idk. Ill prolly throw em out if not. $150 shipped conus.



60% off for a curse? I don’t know man, takes more than that to fight voodoo.


What, is this your first ghost or something? XD


I feel like calling them cursed POSs isn’t good for your sale chances :joy:

Just call them ‘special’ edition ‘silver’


Love the honesty. I hope you get rid of the curse!
If you get them sold, do yourself and the buyer a favor and include a crucifix free of charge.

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They suck. They broke twice in a week and almost killed me. I’m pretty sure they’re fixable, but I don’t want em xD
If they don’t sell in like a week, imma prolly toss em.
Honest, attention grabbing marketing.

I’ll use my 0.0625% native American heritage to shake the spirits loose.

Give ya $50 and some bucees Texas jerky.


Imma wait it out and see what other barter options show up, but that’s tempting, that beavers got that fire… What flavor and how much? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I’d 100% trade these for a slightly useful poltergeist who could pass me tools I need.

Id also accept payment in nuggetry, but that’s legally questionable, especially when shipped xD

Price dropped to $180 shipped conus


I’m almost never the one to complain about prices. People can price their shit any way they’d like to. Worst case, just don’t buy it.

But man, while reading this, I was thinking about I probably don’t even want these for shipping costs and then you said $150 shipped.



This might work to make a lower speed kids’ board with single drive only. But I don’t need to make one of those right now.

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Can confirm; this is the dope shit right here


Having done so, when one side lost all the kegel pins, I can confirm it has plenty of power as single drive. Just leave the other motor on, taking it off fucked up weight distribution. I’m not very knowledgeable on motors, but it feels like it’s just got a chunky bearing inside. I wouldn’t be surprised, these things run hot AF when used properly, and I was running one motor w extra current.
As for pricing, Im open to offers, I haven’t even looked up shipping estimates, and if they don’t sell, the final drop will be into the bin and away with them xD
I finally have almost all my supplies in to get back to deck work, freaking shipping delays have been killing me, so after some touch ups I’ll have a much more better sales thread lol

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I’d just put the battery off to one side :stuck_out_tongue:

No way I’d leave that motor on there. If anything, I’d make a metal weight. But likely not.

Maybe some lead tape. The hanger is pretty sketchy without the motor attached. Very thin. I’m damn sure it’d bend to hell. But, I just didn’t like how strong the single drive shuffle was with all the weight on one side of the hanger. Serious wiggles when you let off the throttle.

melt them into a puddle with an induction coil. they should be destroyed for the good of everyone around them.


I got some induction burners at work actually. Could work.
This whole threads just a formality, really. I fully expect the buyer to be my trash can.

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melt them into a puddle on video. this thread would get 8 million views


Hell, I’d even cover shipping if someone has an active volcano to toss em in and live stream.