[US] 2x SKP 12s4p p42a bricks (12s8p) + 2x boxes + 12s 12amp charger

These are coming off a board I just picked up second hand.
im thinking of downsizing the board to a 16s3p (that I already have) so I’d have to get rid of these to make space for it. The packs have somewhere in the range of 350 miles on them, so less than 10 cycles, and are perfectly balanced. They’ve been run in parallel their entire lives. It comes with the following:

Both 12s4p packs (smart bms on each one)
the used large top box housing both of them, a loop key, an LP20 charge port, and a hole in the side of the lid with an XT90-S sticking out for discharge
a new top box that snugly fits one of these packs (in case you want to run a single pack on a hotswap setup for jumping or whatever)
a 12s 12 amp SKP charger

Condition of the used top box, loop key, LP20, discharge XT90:

If you’re interested, send me a message. I just dont need such a large battery when I already have two other boards with similarly large packs (another 12s8p and a 18s5p)
$800 + ship


Note: the big box also has 4 holes in the underside to bolt on to the deck.


Price drop to $750 + ship

I assume no ship to Canada? :sweat_smile:

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Planning on buying the entire shabang? I can look into it. I’m willing