Urgently need a 12s charger

My charger just blew. Need a 12s charger in Canada asap

I have a yyzpower 12s 8A charger with the 2.1mm connector. Never used. I’m giving up on my build so could sell that to you

@gmurad Where are you located and what price

I’m in Toronto, ON. $70 + shipping. It’s the YZPower 12S 8A from AliExpress with a 5.5x2.1mm plug. I can ship it tomorrow if you want it fast.

@gmurad Price in cdn?

Yes sorry, that’s in CAD.
It costs $81 + shipping form Ali Express and it took over a month to arrive.

@gmurad Can you be trustworthy enough towards a fellow Canadian to take an e transfer ?
According to post Canada, xprespost would be 16.76

I can and I will not wrong you because I have a longer history in the other forum and have done transactions with other members. However In general that’s very dangerous so I wouldn’t recommend it :slight_smile:

I know this. I spotted all your posts here and on builder

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How do you plan on using this charger? I know of others running 5A+ on 2.1x5.5mm connectors but it’s not recommended. The connector would have to be high quality and the leads on it have to be thick or the connector on the skateboard could overheat.

If you buy this charger I recommend lowering the Amps (there is a potentiometer inside) or soldering a different connector on it.

Give me your postal so I can be sure of the price
I used mb4 1b3 to estimate

@gmurad It’s going to be cut to put an xt90

Edit:My bms charge port runs off 14awg which is plenty. As long as the charger uses atleast 20awg itll be fine

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Just posted the item. Tracking number sent via PM. Thanks @Flasher

Thanks @gmurad

@mmaner can you close this for me :slight_smile: