Upgrade/fix Trampa mountainboard

Thought I would make a post for my mountainboard. A couple of upgrades planned . . .

Out with the old

In with the new

I’m not sold on gear drives, and the old Trampa mounts are awful for any maintenance. I counted at least 5 million+ screws to remove in order to change a belt ! The new enclosed belt drive looks better and it’ll be quicker in the pit lane.

After I have changed the mounts and get the board running again. I plan to change the battery box, make a smaller pack for jumps and get some 9 inch wheels.

Last time I was riding I had loss of power for about a second. I stuttered the board the last to the car. It wasnt a weld/battery issue as I tried another battery, don’t think it was the remote and also don’t think it was the loop key connection. (Also I take it when the fuse goes on a xt90-s = no power at all right?) that’s as far as I have got.

Also no time for another week as I’m off to become the Godfather, well . . . ‘A’ Godfather. . . Meh same thing.



Nice enclosed belt drive :wink:

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Yes, much smarter. Thank you for the upgrade :+1:t2: How are you getting on with the gear drives ?

Great. I love the ground clearance and reduced drag.

You guys are so sassy




:+1:t2: The noise puts me off. I’ve not been on a gear drive board yet. They sound horrible on peoples videos, although I know it’s prob not that bad in person. I’ll get to try one soon.

The helical gears make them even less noisy than belts. And in your case x3 the price :joy: