Upgrade Advice (To dual motors)

After posting my question about mixing VESCs, I probably should’ve just put everything into one post (sorry).

Anyways, since I’ve been out of the game for a long time, I don’t know what is and is not good. I can get an idea, but I just fear buying something incompatible (mechanically, if that’s possible). I mainly don’t know much about what motors and mounts are good.

My first question is, what’s the deal with extended axles? I remember seeing people cut their trucks a while back so they could mount their pulleys, but what pulleys are being mounted that need the extra space?

I still have my Enertion trucks from way back then (basically Caliber II). Would there be any incompatibilities with mounting dual 6355s? What are the differences between the 6355s out there? (LHB, TorqueBoards, MBoards, etc.) I’m using 12mm belts btw.

Should I go with 6374s? (Need new trucks? Probably answered my own question there.
How are TorqueBoards mounts?

These could probably be answered simply, but I usually don’t pick up or feel confident on things unless I specifically ask or discuss.

1: Welcome back! Time to spend money again! :wink:

2: Extended axles are beneficial for those who are trying to run pneumatic wheels, which seems to be all the rage right now. I think they must ride amazing ( I can’t say because I haven’t had the pleasure yet, working on it.)

3: The Enertion trucks are fine and Caliber 2’s are basically the entry standard, easy to mount to and reliable.

As for mounting the 6355’s, it depends on which ones you are talking about. Some of them have slight differences. LHB uses Maytech 6355’s. Since he uses them, I am sure they are quite reliable as I don’t think he would trust any piece of gear that was guranteed to fail. Don’t get Mboards, just dont.

Torqueboards motors are excellent. Very well made and you get to have the wonderful assistance of the folks over there if you have any issues. The current versions are even better than the ones I bought in 2017, which I ran 600 miles on with no issues.

The new Torqueboards mounts are great too, the two-piece clamp holds on really well and the steel is super durable. From my experience 6374’s aren’t quite worth it over something like the TB 6355’s. They are heavier for sure. Some people claim they are slightly more efficient, resulting in less heating, but that will depend a lot on your weight and terrain.


Not mostly. But yes, some use Longer axles to allow deck clearance from wheel bite. Longer axles allow for bigger length motors. The E-Calibers are designed to allow dual motors with a length over 55mm. Which cant be done on standard calibers.

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I stand corrected, I agree with your statement, didn’t think of that. I have just always used the TB extended so it didn’t cross my mind :slight_smile:


Thanks for the detailed reply! Definitely helped direct me on what to do next. Looks like I won’t need new trucks just yet.

Getting a little technical, what exactly are the differences between the motors? Like, what makes the MBoards bad? Not super important, I’m just curious.

One more question about motor selections. What’s a simple explanation of KV ratings in regards to e-boards?

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Motor RPM per volt ( I think )

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Im no expert but from what I gather what makes Mboards bad is he just rebrands cheap products with significant mark up and then doesn’t deliver for months while lying to customers ect… was reading posts after post of bad customer service experiences with them. But thats just what i gathered from posts on the old forum not from any personal experience.


Yeah this is mostly what the case is, but I don’t think it is completely intentional. Mike seems like a nice guy and I think it went way over his head really fast. Yes cheap chinese products and bad battery construction, so I wouldn’t buy from him but he had good intentions.

Thank god it’s not as bad as alextech lol that was a nightmare

Kv ratings are rpm per volt. Typically lower kv is higher torque and higher kv is higher speed. Have to make sure your ratio of battery voltage to kv doesn’t exceed 60k erpm otherwise your vesc may blow up

And you’re quite welcome.

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