updating a TB loaded tesseract DIY

I acquired a mostly finished DIY board that I am considering to upgrade a few components. Build origin is unknown, so I don’t know the battery size/specs.

It currently has all TB parts except the flipsky 4.12 dual ESC. It also has 15t motor pulley and 36t kegel wheel pulleys.

How can I determine the battery specs? (I believe it is a 12s4p?)

What size belts do I need to clear the TB 110 wheels I purchased?

Do I need to re-align the truck mounts for the belts?

What is the minimum gap space between the belt and the mounts?

I attached pictures of the setup.

My plan is to mount everything securely to the board then attach the enclosure. Also I am considering upgrading the ESC to a ubox or stormcore 60d. The flipsky ESC have old firmware/bootloader that won’t update with the vesc tool without going down the ST2link route. Not sure if that is worth it if I can just purchase a better ESC.

Thank you for any guidance!

You might need to change the wheel pulleys as well, if you put bigger wheels like the 110s on a 36T pulley the top speed gets very high and the torque and efficiency get quite a bit worse. Use the ESK8 CALC link in the bar at the top of the forum to pick a wheel pulley size that gets to the max top speed you want or ask about specific combinations in the beginner question thread, once that’s settled then you can work out what length of belt you need. There’s another calculator somewhere for that, google belt length calculator or HTD5 calculator or something

If you post the dimensions of the battery someone will probably know which TB one it is, otherwise does it come with a charger? That’ll at least tell you the voltage. Wouldn’t recommend opening it unless someone can confirm it’s easy to do and/or you’re quite confident, I presume there’s another easy way to get capacity but I can only think of running the board with a logger to calculate capacity and that’s a mess if you don’t have a robogtochi or metr or something. Again, someone else will probably have the easy answer

Also a general FYI, these questions have all likely been asked and answered before and you’ll have an easier time if you do some looking for them first. Try searching for “belt alignment” if you want to find belt answers, or “determine capacity”, or setups that include TB110 to see what others use, etc etc

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I appreciate all the help!

I have that same battery from TB. It’s one of their older 12S4P’s. The newer batteries they sell look different. But if you want to be sure, check the voltage with a multimeter. If it measures anything over 42 volts then it’s the 12S.

12S, or just extra deep fried :grin: All those watthours will be in a rush to escape at the earliest opportunity

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I was able to confirm from Torqueboards via email this battery is a 12S4P.

They suggested 1-2mm as the minimum space between mounts and belts.

280mm belts should clear the TB110s!