UPDATE! Now there are 4 x 145 kV Reacher 6395, Any Voltage w/10mm Dia m/s available

Who wants to build another crazy 4x4? (actually I do, somebody save my marriage and stop me)
Subject:USA , TX, now (4) x 145 kV Reacher 6395, ANY VOLTAGE motors with 10mm Diameter motor shaft
Motors - Brand New in Box, with Invoice , purchased April 2023 received May.
(I needed 8mm diameter for my gear set …whoops… so selling) I re-ordered another set of 8mm dia.
Brand New 4 x 145 kV Reacher 6395 motors with 10mm Diameter motor shaft
ANY VOLTAGE High Power Brushless Electric Skateboard Motor

For 2 Motors $400 Shipped including Paypal Fees - mainland USA only - for other request a quote
For 4 Motors $750 Shipped including Paypal Fees - mainland USA only - for other request a quote

Bioboards is selling their branded version of these bad boys with there sweet plugs and phase wire shielding added and their radioactive sweet sauce etc for $289 each plus shipping fees. Go buy theirs instead and I’ll keep these !

Warranty back to back with reacher, so I will work with purchaser for any issues. No refund offered unless offered by Reacher. These and Brand new in box untouched except to measure motor shaft & PICS


I guess u can’t return them and get all ur bucks back.

No need to post “75v” and they can do any voltage

But but but that’s what it says on the product description…

I hate having to explain ohms law to people.

Also the “it’s a 2000 watt motor”

I can return them for $60 and get another set with the 8mm dia shaft or credit, but why do that when i already paid shipping landed them in the country after waiting 3+weeks and there are 300M people here…every time more shipping…

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I’ll change the description to “any voltage because ohm’s law, fuck the manufacturers bullshit”

They add the nominal voltage as a suggested use case, i understand that the voltage range is variable. They would get people wanting to do things outside the tested capabilities so as manufacturers they required to provide a benchmark for optimal use case and reliability. Clearly voltage on motors is nominal. That should always be the assumption. 145kv and 75v or near enough is a good combination. I am running 16S, same as Bioboards for these motors.


I thought the “breakdown voltage” determines how much voltage the wire can take (which I think is going to likely be much lower than the system voltage). How is ohms law relevant?