Upcoming build plans... suggestions?

Hey everyone, for the next season I wanted to build a nice board with decent specs which I could keep for a while. I am aware that dkps may be unstable at high speeds, but I have experience with them past 50kph and have not had wobbles ever. Let me know if you had any suggestions or additional comments. Thanks!

40inch integrated inclosure cf deck from local seller.

12s3p 21700

flipsky 6.6+

dual flipsky battle hardened 6384

14 inch flipsky dkps and mounts

120D Clouds

Riptide pivot cups / bushings

Either 44T or 40T wheel pulleys

15t motor pulley


I see flipshit everywhere, imma gonna say no


lol apparently they have upgraded their entire lineup. Ive spoke with multiple people who have purchased their new products and are very happy with them.

click if you:

I want to buy the same thing twice
I hate customer service
I enjoy things breaking down frequently
I like gambling

You might like Flipsky products.


people here? or people from reddit?

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I’d go for the 44T.


people from our local facebook community, as well as some local builders ive met in person.

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try again, this time replace flipshit stuff with other components. my first suggestion: flipshit 6.6+ -> stormcore 60d


wiser words were never spoken

flipsky is a big gamble, other than motors. You might win, you might lose. Sometimes even, you lose and then resell it for half price and then that owner somehow wins and doesn’t have problems. Flipsky ESC’s actually run on pineapple fumes that come out of the pores of your fingers while setting them up. So eat lots of pineapples and you might win


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That looks like an awesome build, I’d go with an Ali focbox and the onsra 115mm wheels (you’ll for shure loose range but they’re as comfortable as they get without going pneumatics. Also, are u in the EU? I’m looking for a longer deck for a near future and if u are in the EU I’m interested in where you bought your integrated deck

hahaha this is so funny…I was like klick, klick, klick :rofl:

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Carbon Fiber blocks radio signals. If the top lid is of a different material, you should be fine, but keep this in mind. A wooden deck will also be comfier because it can absorb vibrations.

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Im actually in Toronto Canada. I am getting my deck from a seller who makes builds off the onewow cf deck.

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That really is far from Spain so I think it’s a no-no for me :sob: