Unusual esc situation

Ok, so I have had a look around but haven’t been able to find a thread that matches my issue. My situation is that I have 2 cheap Chinese e-boards that my kids don’t use anymore, each having their own batteries, single drive wheel, single drive esc and separate remotes.
One of my kids friends has lost one of the remotes so only one pack is operational.
My plan was to convert one of my cheap, full size longboards by putting one setup in the back and one in the front with drive wheel on the opposite side of the board with the polarity flipped so it runs in the right direction.
Is there a way I can bypass the built in receiver and buy a new remote + receiver combo and wire that in to control both boards or am I able to link the esc units together so the board with the remote controls the one without/ Is there an easier way to do this or am I overlooking something? First time doing anything like this by the way…

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Can I just add too that I know they’re pretty crap setups but its what I’ve got and I don’t see the sense in throwing them out. I just want something to stuff around with at the park while kids are doing their stuff, not expecting or wanting crazy power or torque out of this at all. Thanks peeps

I have similar junk.

Pairing a new remote to these lingyi controllers is supposedly easy

i cant find a link to just the remote, but have seen them as low as 15$.

I Plan on doing a diagonal drive using a dual drive lingyi esc on my junkier100$ penny board, and going from 7s to 10s battery.

Its single drive esc failed, seemed to lose a third of its already pathetic power, but I had a parts only 38$ free shipping backup junk board, and swapped its’aladdin’ esc into it.
Use it daily while my somewhat less junky board is charging.

Using two single drive lingyi escs in one board, on one remote, seems possible, but unlikely. Originally i was tbinking to just tape two remotes together, but then juzt bought a 62$ lingyi dual drive esc.

I didnt expect to get hooked on esk8. the low power low$ junk did it though.

Now I am building fiberglass enclosures, eyeballing higher wattage hub motors, spot welding batteries, all despite never intending to.

Rack up at least 10 miles a day, almost every day for the last 3 months, lusting after some of the boards the crew here have built.

so beware of this rabbithole!

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This is the right answer for a cheap dual drive board.

Oooh we got another one! Glad to have you here haha


Members here have been so generous here towarss me, I’d like to.paY it forward.

My failed single drive Lingyi esc still works, just is down 1/3 on power. Its remote is fine and will be able to replace your lost one.

Ill send it to you if you are in the US.

The desire for dual diagonal drive is likely better met with a dual drive ESC, rather than trying to get one remote to pair to two single drive escs. I dont know if it is possible or not.

I kind of hastily purchased a 10s dual drive esc, fearing my 7s one on my slightly better junk was about to fail, then saw a 6/7/10 hub motor esc could leave me with more potential future options, and hastily ordered that too.

Of course with the benefit of hind sight should have just put that money towards a Vesc instead.

My 7s dual drive ESC is still holding on thankfully. My new10s escs still await their duty.

If your 7s1p batteries have been sitting, they might have self discharged and be unsafe to recharge and use. paralleling them to drive a dual drive esc is likely also practice best avoided.

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Unfortunately I’m in Australia but I appreciate the offer. Because each pack it’s own seperate battery pack I’m not sure if I could easily join the two packs to power the one dual drive ESC. I might just go down the path of keeping them seperate and buying a replacement remote, I wasn’t aware they were a pair able item if you know what I mean. I’m fine with just taping the two remotes together and going full jank mode.

full jank works too.

You should be able to buy a replacement remote, and pair it with old esc whose remote has gone missing. Pairing it involves pressing and holding buttons in some order for some duration.

One battery Per single drive Esc.

trying to parLlel two chinese 7s batteries to power one ESC is an issue looking for a fire extinguisher.

I ripped the one apart on my parts only junk. Lots of fishpaper to orevent shorts, bjt the bms had holes blown through circuit board by a spot welder used on the solder tabs.

I fear my 7s batteries. my lesser junk, the balance leads were haphazardly smushed under the heatshrink, a mm away from sharp unprotected nickel strip edges.

I look forward to the higher speeds of 10s, as much as i do removing the 7s Chinese assembled baTteries from service