Unreleased Enertion Raptor V3 hubs


So basically l got 2 sets of protoype hub motors that where made for enertion before they went out of bussiness, and these were made by factory that makes enertion raptor 2.1 motors for Jason and there are only set of there kind and are protpye version with improvement of better water resistance and better bearing to reduce beaeing issues, and other smaller changes, anyways l have them and want to sell them, open to offer but l see them more as a collector’s item relic or what used to be a great company

Make me an offer for the SET


Oh fuck I wanna cum tribute enertion on these motors so bad

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I also have a pair “V3s” for sale. Including 3 pairs of “new formula” sleeves :slight_smile:


No best offer. Needs a price. PM any mod to re-open once edited.