Unity quit working. Easy fix

Well I thought my Unity took a dump as it would not turn on.
After checking the switch with no progress. I started to unplug things and try to turn it on.
I found the culprit the pin to my Rx was bent over grounding out the 5 volt output keeping my Unity from turning on.
Time to clip the ones that I don’t use.
I’d figured I’d pass this along. 0906191558_Film1|666x500


Maybe better to just put tape or heatshrink overtop, never know when you might want to use the other channels on the remote & receiver

On a related note, one thing I always do is put a drop of superglue touching the receiver and the cable connecting it to the ESC, so that it doesn’t come loose from vibrations. Don’t want to lose control while riding :slight_smile:

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