Unity not pre-order anymore?

So I went on enertions website, where it usually says that the focbox unity is pre-order and will be shipped out in the end of july. It does not say that anymore.

Here is a screenshot:

The impulsive buyer that lives inside me decided to put in an order on it, hoping it was in stock ready to ship. What do you guys think?

@carlcollins066 any word?


Probably is, but I will have to wait now. Dont want to pay that “20% cancellation fee”

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Credit card companies don’t pay that fee if you contact them :wink:


Ordered 2 in April, still no delivery date.

Same, ordered April 1st. They sure fooled me!


I ordered way before April, received it in April. Then my mate needed a VESC so I gave him mine and he ordered me another one in early April. Hes going through charge back at the moment, 20% restocking fee for something ordered in early April and still not here by early July is a joke. Enertion have not responded to the charge back from the bank, will be complete by 30th July and I get my money back. Then I’m gonna buy something else


Oh shit. I might have done something bad then

Flipskys have great deals on the single 6.6s at the moment


Will likely go Trampa tbh, I just bought a flipsky V4 for an ebike project I have coming up

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The Trampa VESC is just so expensive… they say the poor man pays twice, but I can’t say I’ve read anything bad about the flipsky 6.6s… If they are still on sale in a couple of weeks I’m gonna get some… for science.


I think Trampa Vedders Vesc6+ is probably the best, most reliable, versatile, and toughest that money and peace of mind can buy (Also customer service is the best of this world). Flipsky it is a good option for limited budget, it will work for basic eboards.


I mean the dual 6.6+ price tag has some heft to it, more medium price range than budget


I’m approaching 7k miles on a pair of Flipsky 6.6s. the antispark burnt out on one of them about 2k miles in, but both continue to operate without further issue. I don’t baby them either, 110 motor amps/50 battery amps on each, gear drive on Pneumatics. Their 6.6s without antispark would be the ideal budget choice IMO given current availability.

With that said, zero failures on any of my FOCBOXs or my Unity. And you pay for TRAMPA VESCs but the quality & CS is top notch.


Hmmm interesting it seems @DerelictRobot is running 6.6’s (seperate module) so they might not be affected the same way the dual’s are.

@evoheyax any chance you can share a bit more info with us, was the problem was ever fixed?

Ah I remember, @Winfly and @rey8801 had theirs catch on fire.

That said, I thnk there are many units out there working okay.

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Jesus Christ. I’ve been itchin to try a 6.6 variant. Ever since someone mentioned that 4.12’s have non linear accel through its duty cycle it’s started to bug me while riding.

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Turbo boost :wink: I kind of like it and look forward to the surge.