Unity iOS app? Any ideas

Hey guys-

About to connect my unity for my flux build. I have a PC, a MacBook, and iOS based phones.

Is the only way to adjust settings then to do it via cable? Opening up the board each time is kind of a pain in the bum. Anyone have a work

Cheers and happy New Years



Vesc tool app on phone works if you have a spare android phone and Bluetooth module.
On iOS I don’t believe you can do it without an emulator. (Unless @Deodand does the stormcore app work with unities?)

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If you can get your hands on a metr pro for unity you can use the metr app to make changes. If you switched to vesc firmware and not use the unity firmware you could use vesc tool for mac to communicate via bluetooth I believe

Xmatic can let you do modes but not a full setup

I have an older version of the metr pro- maybe I’ll see if I can get a newer one

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update ur unity to fw5+, get a metr and use the stormcore app should do the trick

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Is the update automatic when I plug in the unity?

Also, where do I get the storm core app?

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I have a metr I never installed and I have the antenna for it- will that work or does it need to be a newer version of it? I don’t think I have the cable for the metr- someone was
Going to hook it up
A while ago but it never arrived. Going
To go back into my messages and see


Ok, so, I have a metr pro for vesc. But I’ll be using a unity

Should I buy a metr pro for unity then to do what I’ve proposed?

Would like to streamline the process

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If you update your unity to FW 5.X you can use the StormCore on iOS, but it doesn’t have support to change any setting yet

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Once your paired it shows if there is an update on the same screen.

I don’t recall if I had my metr setup before switching to 5.01 firmware away from the unity firmware.

The unity specific metr replaces the existing. Of you have the one with an antenna you can use the user port.


Anyone know where I can get a usb/c port like that?


Thanks- but see how his is in a larger encasement? Is that DIY or can you but the piece as such?

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Or just look up a panel mount one