Unbalanced cells after not riding

Hi guys, I have just come back after being away from my board for about 6 weeks. However when plugging it all back in the xt60 connector starts to burn and turn red. When I check my cells one parallel group of cells in my 10s3p pack is at 1V.

I have previously had to replace a group of cells in my pack due to them discharging more than others and causing the BMS to cut out while riding.

Any solutions would be much appreciated.


If your XT connector starts to smoke it means its either not properly connected male to female or you’re pulling tremendous amounts of current through it.
Does this happen if you only plug it in? that would mean that theres a short somewhere. Check your entire setup. Bring some pictures etc.

This only happens when I plug it in. I’m using the xt60 to connect the pack together. There doesn’t seem to be anything that is short circuiting. I did find a balance cable that was loose.

However the main problen is that one of my group of cells is at 1V

Needa swap that group out.

i’ve had bms that had a slow drain where it was drawing current, taking P groups out of balance.

also found some bms where the bleed resistors has varying impedance.

so…not saying that’s what’s happening here, but it’s something i’ve observed before.