Unable to connect VESC to VESC tool [Solved]

Hi all, I need you’re help!

Here’s a screenshot of what I’ve changed and I can’t connect to it anymore. What should I do know and how can I connect?

Thank you all ahead!

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You can’t connect the VESC Tool to the ESC, or you can’t connect the remote to the ESC?

Generally “PPM + UART” is the one we want

I can’t connect the VESC Tool to the ESC anymore via USB, because I’m stupid and changed this… what should I do?

Changing that should not cause it to not connect to the VESC Tool.

Did you try rebooting your computer and the VESC?

Click “Welcome and Wizards” on the left, then click connect.


Does the computer give the indicator sound that its plugged in. If so what happens when you press the connect button in vesc tool

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Make sure you use a USB cable that has data lines and not a charge-only one. You said it was connected once, make sure to use that same cable.


Yes, it makes a sound and shows com port 4, but I can’t connect. I dont get it… :frowning:

Thank you guys for all the help, I restarted, re downloaded vesc tool, etc etc and in the end I managed to connect again… now the only thing remaining to setup is my thumb throttle, can you guys help me out?

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Whatcha need help with?

After you run motor set up run the input setup for your remote. What remote are you using?

No need boyz, I thought my hall sensor was fried in the throttle, but upon closer look, I noticed I connected throttle signal to one of the uarts instead of adc, quick rewire and all done :slight_smile: thank you every one one more time for the fast responses