[UK] WTS pulleys, Radium mounts, puck, ect

Edit, cleaned up the thread by removing the sold items

Spring clean, basically all you need for an E mtb, minus battery and enclosure. Everything brand new
Discount possible for multiple pieces or to buy the whole bunch

Radium Gen 3 lite motor mounts, with hardware and matrix2 clamps 150£

LLT smart BMS 12s 20A 35£

8inch clever street tyres x4 40£

Flipsky Vx3 remote 40£

Titanium motor pulleys (15mm wide) (pair) 45£
8mm 16T
10mm 15T
10mm 16T
10mm 18T

Bunch of belts 4£ / piece
405-15mm x8
435-15mm x4
405-20mm x6


Hello Mate, how much for the remote and 15mm 16T 8mm bore pulleys? Thanks :+1:

Dm’d you!