UK - WTS - Luna Trucks & Rockstar Pro Hubs


Luna Trucks from an older batch. Barely used but with one cosmetic scrape shown in pics.

£200 excluding shipping

Set of 4 - MBS Rockstar Pro hubs. CNC aluminum hubs - 8inch wheels only.
Includes bearings, spacers, nuts and bolts.

£80 excluding shipping (8.4 MB)

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Please post the pictures in the thread


Preview for those interested


How are the Luna compared to MBS matrix 2?

In terms of agility

In my experience it’s highly dependant on setups. A tight mbs setup will get outperformed by a right rkp setup, but if you wanna run the mbs trucks loose they’ll be better.

Are they similar to like Mbs vector or ATs?

Can these fit on Mountainboard style decks or they need wedging

They are specifically designed for mtb/carver decks.

I may be wrong but i believe the baseplate angle is 15 degrees, so on a 30 degree deck you’d be at 45 degrees.

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Thanks for answering the questions for me guys


Price update excluding shipping.

£180 for the trucks

£60 for the wheels