(UK) WTS DIY Haya Build [SOLD]

[UK] Haya DIY Electric Skateboard

12s4p Molicel p28a battery built by Lee Rad.

Haya integrated wooden deck.

Focbox Unity Electronic Speed Controller

Boardnamics 270mm hangers.

Torqueboards 110mm 74a arctic blue wheels.

Maytech 6374 motors (2 spare belts included)

Flipsky VX2 Remote

Xiaxiang smart Bluetooth BMS

Asking for £1000. Open to offers. Reason for sale is I’m just not using this enough as I prefer my Trampa.


Please add a price.

Got pics of the inside? Who built the battery?


Ooo pretty

Shit I forgot the price, haven’t been on this forum for a while :joy:. I’ve edited it now.

This is nice dude, I wanna get one of those decks it looks so sweet GLWS!

Thanks. Great deck, plus with the wheels/the trucks it’s a super stable ride.

This has now sold.



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