[UK] [WTS] assorted parts and goods

Selling some unused bits that I haven’t used in my builds

Parts spreadsheet all prices and details included

Everything’s is in there

Will redo pictures here since hey came out in bad quality there

If there are any questions please ask

You pay shipping from uk

Uploading: B06137FE-E819-484F-BD59-A980F01DF125.jpeg… Uploading: A6370225-6FD3-4F05-B275-AB4D379FDB65.jpeg…

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Have now got link open and working

Those are by far the shittiest photos I’ve ever seen


Nah, I saw one of your mom the other day.


Ipad 2

Greatest piece of tech ever


Hope you can all live with the photos

Thank @rusins


Do you think prices are ok or overpriced I wasn’t really sure the value of most this stuff

just post the prices, noone wants to go searching through a spreadsheet.


Awwww you did not just start this

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Can I do that after school today

Also isn’t now it pretty obvious what the price is

If you’ve got a couple of caliber type baseplates I’ll take them.

Hello @Halbj613,

I want to buy the 10S 2A power supply, how much to ship it to Paris, France, please ?

PS : I take it, but I just want to be sure of the shipping rates

Just a suggestion

Ah ok thought you were saying I had to after the selling rules updated

I think shipping to France will be around £5

The baseplates i think work with caliber will check later

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I’m sorted for now… thanks though. :+1:

Good, send me your paypal in PM !

Might be interested by some belts as well, if you have some HTD5M 265 in 15mm :slight_smile:

At the moment the power supply is reserved for someone I will tell you if they back out

I will update the belts I have left

Prices lowered and updated

hi which of the remotes work?